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Complaint Posted 3/12/2019
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Homeless and treated so bad. Deff discrimination I’ve made a report everywhere I can
I'm so baffled I don't even know where to start. The things that happen to me we're wrong, unfair, Mindblowing, and just plain unprofessional in every way possible. I have never expierced something so terrible. They even knew I have a service pet and have seizures and this has caused 2 and I’ve been in the hospital over the stress.So my lease up in my house and I decided to apply for the loft unit 1 bedroom online that looked pretty big, so i applied and brought my brother with me, and toured the unit but the loft unit was so small I'm move from a 4x2 house and 2 car garage. My kids are off to college and one staying with her father because Of teenage issues with her. But I go for tour Andrezza, right off I tell her it's way to small I can't stay here so she proceeded to show me 2/1 and 2/2 I told her the 2/1 would be much better. At this time I wasn’t approved. So she said let see if you get approved then we’ll get you in 2 bedroom
. She said to wait if I get approved and go from there. I got approved and told her I needed 2/1 she said she doesn't have any available but something might come up so I signed welcome letter for 1/1 hoping something would come up. But either way I needed to move and if something didn't I wanted to have something. That day I applied to another apt who had a 2/1 for a little less then there 2/1 it was $1208 well the same day I got approved I got approved at other complex and sent lakeside an email that I don't know if I'll be staying there I need a 2/1 and I didnt think I would be coming at 4 to pick my one bedroom as discussed. Andrezza said they had no 2x1. And there price was cheaper. Maria called me immediately after sending email which I never spoke to her before and she asked what's going on I told her my issue she said they did have a 2/1 available, she was on speaker because I had moving men packing and I was packing because I needed to be out in 2 days. All my admin and app fees were paid so I said yes that's what I want and she said the price was also $1208 the other place was nicer but lakeside closer so I told her YES GREAT because I did want to move here and that was perfect I was so happy. She asked when would I be moving told her Friday told her I will bring deposit and first mth rent and pick up keys Friday 2 days away. she said ok she will transfer my unit. I called after 4:15 to see if I could come look at the 2 bedroom I’m getting? Andrezza answered the phone. She had no idea what I was talking about she said I was suppose to come at 4 to pick out my 1 bedroom. I told her oh no Maria called me she got me into a 2 bedroom unit she said what huh? She was confused said somebody just applied for that unit online it's gone!? I'm like what I begin to cry why would you guys give away my unit I already told other apt I wouldn't need there unit. She put Maria on the phone who told me they don't hold apartments and I was suppose to be there at 4? I asked why would I come at 4 that was to pick my 1 bedroom but u solved that problem I didn't need to pick out a 1 bedroom. She then began to tell me she had to requalify me since the rent is more. I asked her what is she talking about I make $1208 a week she has my weekly stubs I make 3x the rent i actually make $1000 or more over. She then proceeded to tell me if I had more income to provide Incase another one comes available . I told her I had child support of $260 a month but I don't need that I make enough with my work income and I didn't understand what's going on. I was to come Friday to pick up keys and give you money she had already told me apt Info I started transferring utilities. She said again I have to requalify you and you were suppose to come at 4. She never said any of this. I mean she called me to tell me the 2/1 available I didn't call her. She said no such thing I can walk to the apartment that's how close I live I would have been there In 2 mins if that was the case. She continued to say I said I was coming at 4 yes before she called me and told me she had 2/1 I was coming at 4 to pick out 1 bedroom I mean it's right in my email so why would I come at 4 to do that since the situation was fixed I had a 2/1 and not to mention they had a one bedroom they were already holding for me now so what do you mean you don't hold apartments. So my apt is being given away to someone whose only applied and not been approved when iam approved. Why isn't he being called and told sorry we made a mistake?? Why me. And why didn't u call me if you thought or I needed to be there at 4?? It's 4:06 she said they applied 2 min ago. I'm so confused. So she said he might not get it his income wasn't enough on his own and if he doesn't bring enough income tomarrow I will be the first one they call. But proceeded to tell me I had to requalify and even though I knew she had my 4 pay stub which was more than enough for 3x. But she continued to ask me for my child support. So I sent her a screen shot she said she can't take screen shots so I took a picture of child support and told her if that wasn't enough I could bring it. She then said for now I need to come and pick out the 1 bedroom I want Incase it falls threw. Of course I'm so upset I called other apartments and they rented out the 2/1 already and they had no more for a month. I cried all Night. Living in one bedroom would mean practically all my belongings would have to go to storage paying $249 a mth plus rent for 1 bedroom but I feel trapped and went there to pick out 1 bedroom just Incase the guy brought enough income. I'm already upset and feel they totally messed with me and how upsetting that was that I lost out 2/1 at both apartments now. I start feeling funny at this point and starting to feel targeted for no reason. But wasn’t sure So I went to the apartment the next day I was to upset to go that day. I sit down with Andrezza and I told her I know what happen and it's wrong she gave me 2 bedroom but didn't tell u becaue when I called yesterday u had no idea what I was talking about and was going off my last email I would be there at 4 to pick out one bedroom. Andrezza said I needed to get over it. I was like omg wow. Ooook. But Then she slipped and proceeded to tell me they had 2 2/1 available since I applied and they go quick. Why wouldn't they call me and tell me this. They knew that's what I needed. But they didn't. I'm a potential tenant and customer and they continued to ignore my needs and what I was asking. Andrezza said she would know by tomorrow if the guy will have enough Income and will call me right away if he doesn't so I could get the unit, she said she has my number right next to computer and I begged her please call. So she said go see if this 1 bedroom unit is ok just Incase that falls threw. It was sprinkling out side and the golf cart wasn't outside so she took my phone as quadlateral and gave me a key and sent me out on my own and pointed where I needed to go. I was like ooook. Never had this happen. I get out there and there are no numbers on the building because there remodeling it starts pouring rain and I'm running around not knowing where to go. I got Ubered there because my brother using my car while his in shop and Andreeza knew this. I get stuck out there and had to stand under shelter until it slowed down I was already soaked and freezing it slowed down and I ran back. Andrezza wasn't in there and Maria off that day. Another lady in the office and she giggled and said she sent you out there without a map I saiid yes (inside I'm burning up because it wasn't funny.) I wasnt even offered an umbrella or call for golf cart or let's wait for golf cart nothing. I go back out I don't care about the rain at this point I'm soak and wet why does it matter. I find the apartment. I come back andreeza sees I'm wet but I don't complain or say a thing because at this point I'm just so disappointed with my whole situation. They have $265 of my money that is non refundable so I just feel trapped and I'm suppose to move tomarrow. She gives me a welcome letter for that apt. And tells me she will call me about 2/1 tomarrow. Again they don't hold apt but I have a welcome letter with my potential apartment be held again. I go home just upset but again trapped and at this time i realize they are messing with me and discriminating, what apartment would do that when the customer is already upset.The next day Maria starts sending me emails about signing lease at 11. I'm not ready to sign this I still want to see if the guy gets approved or not and it's only 11am. So she sends 3 more messages about signing the lease. At this point I'm like you know what let me call my landlord, I call him and ask can I stay till Tuesday he said yes I offer him money he said no it's ok you e been my best tenant the last 5 years it's fine I told him apt problems and he's shocked and completely ok with it. I email Maria some excuse and I'm not signing lease until Tuesday now something came up so I need lease changed for correct move in date plus I'm waiting to see if guy approved or not and I want to wait till they close to see. She said ok she will change the date. I recieved no call that day about 2/1. All weekend I'm looking for a different option even if I have to throw away my money because I've been treated just terribly. But there's just not enough time when I have to move Tuesday. So the weekend passes I'm laying in bed around 8pm and go to lakeside villas app Sunday night and pull up a 2/1 and guess what every other day I checked none were available until April but now it says one is available now. The guy fell threw and they never said a word to me again for the 3rd time one comes available.Why why would they do this to me. I tried to apply for it online so they couldn't say someone already applied for it that quick but it asked for the app fee and admin fee and I wasn't going to pay that again. I send an email that night. Not yelling or cursing just upset, at this point enough is enough and I have a right to be upset. I send a message copying both of them saying what happen I go online and there’s a 2/1 u knew how bad I needed that and how my stuff would be in storage etc etc and why are they doing this to me. Maria emails me the next day that they do have a 2/1 available and she will have to see when it will be ready. What do you mean it says it's ready now. Then she begins with the requalify thing again. I'm confused I thought you already did that in case one came available and she began asking for child support I told her why does she need that? I have it and I'll bring it but I MAKE $1208 which is $4800 a month. $3800 something is 3x the rent I make way over. At this point I start questioning what is going on? Why I'm I being treated this way? This isn't right? Why are they doing this? I’m starting to realize that 100% they don’t like me and are discriminating. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m white, because I have a service dog and they don’t want her in a 2/1. I’m not sure which issue it was but I’m sure I’m being messed with all the way. At this point why should I want to stay here but they have money that's not refundable of mine and all I want is 2/1 and I'll forget it all. I'm very forgiving and get over stuff very easy. I told her I feel like I'm being discriminated against and I don't understand why?? I explained what I went threw with the rain situation on Friday and I told her I've never been treated so badly. And that I couldn't think of any reason why besides the fact they didn't like me for some reason?? Why because I did an online app and then came and toured and realized how small the loft apartment was and I wouldn't be able to fit my stuff? That wasn't a reason to treat me this way? So what was it? Because I'm white? Because I was lied to and expressed my anger. I never yelled it was mainly all email conversation. Why was this happening to me. Her next response blew me out of the water on email. She said since I seem to be so unhappy and they couldn’t do anything to fix my problem or make you happy so she was returning my money and I would not be able to rent here at all. Mind you I was movimg in the next day. I was shocked how could they do this to me? I did nothing wrong? And if anyone should have been pulling out it should have been me. I continued to be patient and give them a chance to fix things and they continued to let me down and now I have to be homeless??? She asked for an address to send money to I told her I won't have one I'll have to stay in a hotel?? I asked her to put it back on my card where they took it from. She gave me no response. I asked for corporate offices number 2 times over the course of the last week and half and even now and they ignored me. They refuse
to respond how I was getting my money back. I assumed card since she didn't reply. I stayed in hotel 3 days my landlord called and was so bothered about what happen he told me come back pay half rent for the month and I'll give you another month. So I'm back here and all the time I've missed from moving I haven't been able to get off work yet to look. It's been a week and I still haven't recieved my money. I sent email at first angry asking why I haven't rec my money and said I will get an atty if I have to for discrimination that this was wrong and send a letter to BBB. Apartment association and the federal trade commission that I've never been treated this way and now they won't give me back the money they said they were returning. After a moment to think about it I'm not trying to get people in trouble that's not who iam. I told them I have another month I notice u have a 2/1 and 2/2 available at the beginning of April if they can rerun me and we can start all over I can forget everything that happen. I'm willing to clean the slate and never mention it again. That if I could I would apply online and we could start fresh. It's been 2 days no response on how to receive my money or a no to starting over. I just sent another email saying I guess the answer is no which it's whatever how can I get my money I can now provide you with an address. I'm being completely ignored. I've called corporate JRK CORPORATE HOLDINGS AND IVE REC NO CALL BACK, I don't understand this. Why would a person be treated so poorly for no reason at all. They won't respond and they refused to fix the issue they said they couldn’t do anything to make me happy yes they could they had a 2/1 put me in that unit. They would rather me leave and have nothing before giving me a 2/1 I have no idea why they didn’t want me to have a 2/1 they did everything they could to keep me at a 1 bedroom. I have waisted money on storage, uhaul holds, moving guys, I also have proof of all I've dealt with threw email. I also had all moving men from the moving company sign a letter to hearing my apartment would be switched 2/1 and gave me apt nbr and come get keys on Friday and I could sign lease on Friday from a Maria. I also have my brother from the first day I showed up that I told them I can't do the 1 bedroom. And I have a letter from whisper lakes that they rented out the 2/1 because I called and told them I got one from lakeside and now they have no more. I have proof of everything. I had my boss pick me up when I was soak and wet who can show that was also true. Why I'm I not getting a call from corporate and why is it ok for the girls in that leasing office to get away with treatment like this. Your putting 9 million in renovationS which the apartments are looking great and can now be called luxury and looks like you might need a staff to follow your new luxury apartments becaue this is no way to treat anybody at all. So my problem isnnot resolved. No place to stay, no money returned, no call back from corporate. I would like corporate allow me to rent a 2/1 at grandville at riverside for the same price they gave me for 1 year lease. It’s only fair I need to move they already have my fees why not allow me to go to other apt with same price that way we can make sure I’m not mistreated for reporting everything that happen to me. I don’t want to be treated poorly and they mess with me the whole time. My credit is already hit by your company so please allow me a unit at other location so I can have a home and feel like your company actually cares how customers are treated. I have any proof you want.
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