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  • global resources was helpful over the last few months. we were in need of some help with our financials and especially with our applications for va... Read More »
  • So accomodating and patient! A great team to have support from when things get stressful! Read More »
  • Alexa, Nechelle, and Kumil Ye were awesome. They were very efficient and answered my questions. I referred about 5 of my friends to Clearpath Lendi... Read More »
  • I just don't know where to start with this worthless company my nephew you did not deserved to be treated the way they treated him. yes he did some... Read More »
  • I contacted about the book and information. Cameron was patient and helpful with everything I needed! The book is also well written and really make... Read More »
  • First time looking into a gold ira and spoke to Cody. Made it a very easy process for me, it was a great experience. Read More »
  • The absolute easiest and quickest process! Reliable and fast response! Fast money!! Read More »
  • Our consultant was very easy to work with and professional with how he conducted himself in our office during these crazy times. He had no issue fo... Read More »
  • Alex from Red, White and Blue Lending made our 2nd re-finance as simple and easy as possible. And it was quick! With this being our second time wit... Read More »
  • Cameron and advantage gold were so helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone looking to learn more Read More »
  • HORRIBLE Experience! WORST Communications! In processing of the loan they give you time expectations and then fail on all of them miserably.. This... Read More »
  • I called this company they were quick responding to me. I was in need of having my house re-roofed and I required having it done as soon as possibl... Read More »
  • I specifically insisted that inventory was checked via phone with the rep who took this order! WHY? because an entire wholesale project getting don... Read More »
  • Terrible company and a giant waste of my time. They advertise that they offer easier financing solutions and are more efficient than dealing with t... Read More »
  • As a 1st time precious metals investor, I really knew nothing. A clear, informative & pressure -free presentation explained the options to me & at... Read More »
  • I am extremely satisfied with the refinance loan process with RWB lending. Loan agent Alex was very responsive, co-operative and provided very good... Read More »
  • Advantage Gold educates you on many investment options, tailors solutions to your desires and delivers on exactly what they say they will do. I sp... Read More »
  • First of all, the price at which I got this drawer is insane. I bought a two-drawer nightstand from this furniture store in Bergen County, New Jers... Read More »
  • Bait and Switch. Company has been running TV advertisements for a no cost mortgage loan. Since the ad's fine print is difficult to read on the scre... Read More »
  • I worked with Frank Romero on my refinance. He was professional and always available to answer all of my questions. The process was pretty straight... Read More »
  • I wanted to get my IRA rolled over and checked out a few companies. When I came to Advantage Gold I knew I was in the right place, especially after... Read More »
  • Wholesale Survival, Audio Club & Wholesale Music Warehouse USA is Awesome. Rob and Kelly Totally Exeeded My Expectations of Services Given. Rob Bui... Read More »
  • The response and support I receive from individuals in IT, sales support, and technical support all convey they are genuinely vested and interested... Read More »
  • For over 70 years, Sacramento has trusted ServiceMaster Janitorial By SMM for all their janitorial cleaning needs. We are proud to offer a wide ran... Read More »
  • I contacted Advantage Gold and spoke with Rob Alexander. He was so helpful in educating me about gold and silver. I got a copy of the book "The Gre... Read More »
  • I am pleased with the final product -- but became very frustrated with the delays in response time from customer service. Website said 2-4 weeks de... Read More »
  • Horrible........doesn't work dont waste your money.... Read More »
  • The salesman came to our house and gave us a quote (twice as much as we ended up paying with another company). He ask for $1,000 to continue workin... Read More »
  • It's great that some people have great reviews with EQP but a good friend of mine did not. My friend lost $4,000 dollars trying to keep her home fr... Read More »
  • had have tattoo's for many years, and i'm always looking to ad more. right now i'm at about 92 total tattoos, from 3 different continents! yoni has... Read More »
  • I spoke with general manager of studio cycles today Stephan Uzan we Talked for about half an hour Explain to me The lifetime warranty parts and lab... Read More »
  • I just purchased a Keiser bike from Jason and was so pleased with the experience. He was knowledgeable and thorough and really helped me get the ri... Read More »
  • Anthony reached out to me, offering a great option in refinancing my primary residence. He addressed concerns derived from my experience with other... Read More »
  • I had the pleasure of speaking to Rob Alexander. He was so helpful in explaining to me about gold and silver. He sent me the book "The Great Devalu... Read More »
  • I spoke with GM Stephan Uzan We talked over 30 minutes He made sure I had everything I needed Also got a great price So I'm happy to give them a 5... Read More »
  • I place an order on a Monday morning for Friday delivery - Needed for a week-end meeting. Paid an extra $324.21 for expedited processing & overnig... Read More »
  • i have to dye my hair almost every two week's due to make-up and modelling. sometimes special effects. this often leaves my hair damaged, and i wor... Read More »
  • My experience while re-financing with Coastal Pacific Lending was a very seamless process. Alex Luzadre was very proactive and ensured all communic... Read More »
  • I have learned many things from taking this course, and the thing i learned that I value most would be that I am not alone in this fight against su... Read More »
  • This company use hidden fees,cancel your order and charge for that.Please stay away Read More »
  • This re-fi was FAST and extremely easy, all done through email. Extremely convenient! Read More »
  • Purchased several replacement windows beginning in 2000. However, when things began to go wrong there was no effort to make repairs. Made multiple... Read More »
  • Plumbing and electric jobs in my apartment done so perfectly and promptly. Nobody else has done it.Thanks, Handyman at your service and the whole t... Read More »
  • Passed my SAFE MLO test on the first try!!! Zero industry experience, but I was able to score an 88 after taking my PE course at Loan Officer Schoo... Read More »
  • As a Realtor, I have been using PureLogic Escrow for over 6-years and I've always been happy with the service I receive from Kathy Otero and her as... Read More »
  • Contractor and Consulting is one of the best and Professional. We have get in touch with them for my home reconstruction. They did all the work so... Read More »
  • I am glad we chose this company. I ordered 7,390 word doc for translation and received a detailed quote right away! Happy they were able to retain... Read More »
  • Tengo un título en técnica de enfermería de Cuba traducido por esta empresa. Read More »
  • It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The point of using Lor... Read More »
  • Do not use this company for property management, they are disrespectful to their clients, rude, require way more from you than is required by law (... Read More »
  • They do NOT provide a background check, they ask the applicants for sensitive information such as Credit card number and tax forms Nobody is privy... Read More »
  • Leasing a car was a terrible experience with this company handling the financial payments. When you return your car you will be hit with so many ph... Read More »
  • We did a interest rate rate reduction loan. The people at ClearPath Lending made this a simple process and were there to answer any and all questio... Read More »
  • If you're looking to refi your home, ClearPath is the way to go! SUPER painless and easy. ALWAYS kept me informed, extremely professional, and serv... Read More »
  • They are a very low class rental service. The managers avoid fixing problems such as hear and plumbing and are always rude. Don't let the friendly... Read More »
  • Horrible horrible horrible!!!! I came to the store on vacation and found their body butter. A little pricey at over $30 a jar but its really smooth... Read More »
  • got a sheppard here not long ago, which came with all the legal papers for a pure breed. she was healthy, had all her shots, de-wormed, and pretty... Read More »
  • I think Court Ordered Classes has been an excellent program. The group class facilitator Eddie Abasta, is kind, compassionate, informative, and und... Read More »
  • DO NOT look at the older reviews. Pay close attention to the reviews that have posted since late August. They are all consistent. The company quote... Read More »
  • Very efficient! I asked them to translate our birth and marriage certificate and was delivered few hours after since I need it urgent. Very reliabl... Read More »
  • The quality of the work was extremely high. The team is always available to provide an answer, no matter what time I ask it. Read More »
  • Elite French Tutoring is a provider of French-language learning services based in New York offering world-class private and online French classes t... Read More »
  • Prime Choice Funding consistently had the best rates among the half-dozen or so mortgage lenders I actually filled out loan applications with and s... Read More »
  • david at advantage gold was very knowledgeable about what to invest in and walked me through it with me understanding what he was talking about i w... Read More »
  • Because of Pandemic I did not want to risk it and browse at local stores in person. My partner and I are together for over 10 years and it was time... Read More »
  • I would like to express my thanks to Global Resources and more importantly Lawrence for everything they have been able to accomplish over the past... Read More »
  • We decided on a business consultation with IDS after they contacted us over the course of a few weeks. Having never done a business plan before we... Read More »
  • Our consultant Devin was great to work with. After spending some time going through our processes and organization he presented us with a good deal... Read More »
  • I am very much thankful for the well-knowledgeable professional team from SpotnRides. They are a commitment to what they are doing. Dealing with al... Read More »
  • Asked them to translate power of attorney form and everything went well and was accepted by the Brazilian Consulate. Thanks guys! Read More »
  • We refinanced our home loan and Sean was fantastic to work with. The process was very easy and the approval went through very quickly and we got a... Read More »
  • I've used Alex as my only broker for at least the past 10 years. He is fully transparent with everything including his fees and the rates. The bank... Read More »
  • This company is the best. They go above and beyond to help us with our Mortgage re-finance during Covid-19. Scott Whombly, Laura Rosen and his team... Read More »
  • ClearPath Lending has exceeded my expectations with both of my refinance opportunities. I worked primarily with Mr. James Sladek and I was extremel... Read More »
  • Do not use this company for evaluations. I had to use them because I went to Puerto Rico for nursing school. The Florida Board of Nursing requires... Read More »
  • This is my first time using this company and I was floored with the fast quote and the amazing offer. I am ready to sell more gold and ordered anot... Read More »
  • Called in to learn about the Gold Ira, Cody is a true expert in the process and gave me a good understanding of how it works. Best company I have s... Read More »
  • This is not a mortgage company....but a complete joke ran by a bunch of idiots...They never respond to you and just intimidate you with their nonse... Read More »
  • We've been with Legal Brand Marketing for about 3 months now and what is most impressive is the prompt customer service they provide and the eagern... Read More »
  • Our experience with the tech from American Cool and Heat was perfect. He provide fast, knowledgeable, professional service at a great price on a ba... Read More »
  • I really appreciate Nick Morlok work on getting me a great rate (2.75%) and no money out of pocket for my refi on my primary residence. They made t... Read More »
  • have had an account with this business for years, since i use the place to sell houses and often need to store furniture and appliance. we've never... Read More »
  • Easy and great experience working with Prime Choice Funding and the team of Lori Mason and David Arnold. Professional, honest, and easy to work wit... Read More »
  • I had to go through Kia Motors Finance to get 4k off the sticker price. My first payment, I paid off the loan. I keep calling to get them to releas... Read More »
  • This was by far the easiest refi process I have experienced. Jonathan Cave is extremely knowledgeable and excellent to work with. I have already pr... Read More »
  • Online I ordered a "love" bar pendant for myself because quarantine hasn't been treating me and my family very well. when my order arrived, it sure... Read More »
  • I was allowed to defer 2 payments in March and April of this year because of not being able to work due to Covid 19. I have never been late other t... Read More »
  • The easiest and stress free move I've had. Everything was quite literally - simple. From the quote to the goodbye; I was happy the whole time. Harm... Read More »
  • Alex is amazing! Having anyone nowadays always available to answer the phone is pretty much unheard of, BUT Alex never misses a call and is always... Read More »
  • what can i say. had a large bolt go in my truck tire. called a friend to see if he knew anyone, and hooked me up with moses. mo came in about 15 mi... Read More »
  • I have had one of the most disappointing customer service experiences with Hyundai Motor Finance department. This department is struggling to send... Read More »
  • We are grateful for their work, getting this loan approved and being available through the process for questions/phone calls/emails. I am pleased t... Read More »
  • Thanks to P.C.S. Roofing (John), I have a nice curb appeal roof with new guttering. Great company to work with. Excellent Crew, right on time every... Read More »
  • PayPal only cares about your money being theirs. You can use them if you wish, I did. Even after knowing the complaints. I simply thought "there mu... Read More »
  • The meter was not working after numerous attempts to enter my tag number into it to pay for parking, for a scheduled appt across the street. After... Read More »
  • Jim came to write up my order and measure my windows. I know very little about shutters and how to order. I explained to him that I needed FOLDING... Read More »
  • Alex is a true professional. My daughter needed a transmission flush and Alex answered his phone promptly, gave a very fair quote and was available... Read More »
  • I wish I had done my research before giving this company any money. Now I am being endlessly jerked around to get my first stamp, so I am also losi... Read More »
  • My first lawyer wouldn’t communicate with me until I asked to be transferred to another lawyer. My second lawyer left the firm. My third lawyers ch... Read More »
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